Ivy Board members:

Don Lepard             President             dlepard@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Alison Hoffman       Vice President    ahoffman@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Judy Lamance        Secretary             jlamance@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Dillon McGregor     Treasurer             dmcgregor@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Linda Collins           At Large               lcollins@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Bob Gray                  At Large              bgray@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Ginny Kelly              At Large              gkelly@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Cantus Griffith         Parent                   cgriffith@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Sally Morrow           At Large              smarrow@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Teal Thibaud           At Large              tthibaud@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Fran Quarles            Parent             fquarles@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Mitch Wilson           Parent             mrmitch@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Advisory Board Members (non-voting):

Carol Woods            At Large               cwoods@ivyacademychattanooga.com


The Ivy Academy Board meets on the following dates.  Call the school for the time.

July 7 2016      This has been converted to a working committee meeting rather than a board meeting.

Sept 1  2016 - Board meeting

October -  Working committee month

Nov 30  2016 - Board meeting

December - Working committee month

Jan 12  2017 - Board meeting

February - Working committee month

Mar 9  2017 - Board meeting

April - Working committee month

May 11  2017 - Board meeting

June 29  2017 - Board budget approval meeting

July - Working committee month

We have board meetings every other month, and working committee meetings every other month.
Generally all board meetings are held at Ivy at 6:00 PM, but the time occasionally changes according to the availability of evening times for board members.
Please call the school to check on times if you would like attend.