Ivy Board members:

Don Lepard             President             dlepard@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Alison Hoffman       Vice President    ahoffman@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Judy Lamance        Secretary             jlamance@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Dillon McGregor     Treasurer             dmcgregor@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Linda Collins           At Large               lcollins@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Bob Gray                  At Large              bgray@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Ginny Kelly              At Large              gkelly@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Cantus Griffith         Parent                   cgriffith@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Sally Morrow           At Large              smarrow@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Teal Thibaud           At Large              tthibaud@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Fran Quarles            Parent             fquarles@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Mitch Wilson           Parent             mrmitch@ivyacademychattanooga.com

Advisory Board Members (non-voting):

Carol Woods            At Large               cwoods@ivyacademychattanooga.com

The Ivy Academy Board meets on the following dates.  Call the school for the time.

July 7 2016      This has been converted to a working committee meeting rather than a board meeting.

Sept 1  2016 - Board meeting

October -  Working committee month

Nov 30  2016 - Board meeting

December - Working committee month

Jan 12  2017 - Board meeting

February - Working committee month

Mar 9  2017 - Board meeting

April - Working committee month

May 11  2017 - Board meeting

June 29  2017 - Board budget approval meeting

July - Working committee month

We have board meetings every other month, and working committee meetings every other month.
Generally all board meetings are held at Ivy at 6:00 PM, but the time occasionally changes according to the availability of evening times for board members.
Please call the school to check on times if you would like attend.

Ivy Academy Board Meeting Minutes

(Each fiscal year's meeting minutes are available in hard copy form at the school as well.)

September 2016 Ivy Academy Board Minutes

November 2016 Ivy Academy Board Minutes

January 2017 Ivy Academy Board Minutes

March 2017 Ivy Academy Board Minutes

May 2017 Ivy Academy Board Minutes (incomplete and awaiting board approval)