Ivy students learn about the geometry of leaves in an outdoor classroom.Ivy Academy is a tuition-free public charter high school serving grades 9-12. It is one of the first charter schools to open in Hamilton County, Tennessee, and opened in Fall of 2009 with 60 students. Each year, 60-80 students will be added until all four high school grade levels are filled. The total number of students attending the school at any given time will not exceed 320 thus allowing for intense personalized education and minimized impact on the natural surroundings. 

What is a Charter School?

There is no tuition for a charter school.  Ivy receives the same per pupil allotment as every other public school in Hamilton County.  The charter school concept gives Ivy the ability to be more focused on individual learning styles and to develop curricula to meet the needs of its students.

What do we mean by an “environmental” charter school?

creekIvy Academy instruction happens more in the outdoors than in the four walls of the classroom.  The foundational element of Ivy Academy’s curriculum is to develop environmentally conscious citizens who have an appreciation of the woods, mountains, valleys and streams – our precious natural resources. 

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, April 22nd

  1. Alternative Transportation Day
  2. Earth Night Thrasher Elementary

Wednesday, April 23rd

  1. Earth Day Essay Contest Ceremony

Friday, April 25th

  1. SSR meeting

Saturday, April 26th

  1. Outdoor Chattanooga

Sunday, April 27th

  1. Kidz Expo

Tuesday, April 29th

  1. Hellbender Restoration Kick-Off

Ivy Academy's Mission Statement

Through an integrated, environmental, service learning philosophy, Ivy Academy seeks to empower students to:

  • cultivate intellectual curiosity.
  • act responsibly.
  • practice lifelong wellness.
  • treat others respectfully.
  • build a sustainable world for future generations.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Every DayOur students work in outdoor learning environments on a daily basis. 

Integrated Curriculum

Surveying BiodiversityOur curriculum integrates real-world environmental concepts into all disciplines. 


Turtle ProjectStudents work in teams and are evaluated on more than just written tests. 

Small Classes

Small ClassSmall classes allow teachers to give individualized attention to every student.