Junior Beta Club Info:

 Ivy Academy’s Junior Beta Club, along with Beta Clubs across our nation, recognize academic excellence and take pride in fostering student leadership development, with a focus on serving others and giving back to the community.  Recognizing outstanding student achievement and role model behavior, The Ivy Academy Junior Beta Club students give back to our school and community.

Junior Beta Qualifications: Members must maintain A’s and B’s on every report card. Members will be given one probationary period per year. Members must exemplify role-model behavior at all times. Induction ceremonies are held each spring. New members will be announced after 3rd quarter of each year, but students can be included in the next year’s Beta Club if they earn A’s and B’s on 4th quarter report cards due to our school’s mastery based learning model. Students must also complete 10 hours of community service each year.

Community Service: Ivy Academy Junior Beta members must complete a minimum of 10 hours community service each school year.

A note to members about community service hours: : Please give serious consideration as to how you will carry out this aspect of our club membership. Discuss with your parents ways that you might be able to help others. Any service you provide should be meaningful and important. Your service should be strictly volunteer work; you should receive no compensation, other than the satisfaction of having helped others. If you are involved in another organization that requires community service, you may not count those hours toward your Junior Beta total. As a member of the Junior Beta Club, you will be given many opportunities to volunteer at our school and other community locations. The Junior Beta Club sponsors will inform you of many volunteer opportunities, but you will likely need to search elsewhere and find some volunteer experiences on your own in order to complete the club requirements. Any time you complete a volunteer event, you should fill out the form documenting your experience and turn it in immediately to one of the sponsors. Do not save up your forms to be turned in all at once; rather, turn them in each time after you volunteer. This form, as well as any other Junior Beta documents, may be found on Ivy’s website under Junior Beta Club. Forms may be given to Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Hooker any morning during homeroom and also at club meetings.


Meetings: Junior Beta Club meetings will be announced in August for next year.

Click here to download volunteer hours form.