Sharon Wood

Math 6 Teacher

Wood Sharon.JPG

Sharon Wood teaches 7th and 8th grade math.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering and her Masters in Teaching from the University of Greenville.  Sharon was the 2008 and 2011 recipient of the Mary Flemming Service to Education Award in the Wood River Hartford School District.  She enjoys teaching and interacting with the students and searching for activities that students will enjoy. Sharon says, “I enjoy teaching, and there is nothing more satisfying than the moment when one of your students understands a concept. The light bulb goes off, and you see the smile on their face.”

This veteran teacher chose Ivy because of the outdoor concept and environmental focus.  Sharon says, “If I can get my students out for a small hike, when they return to the classroom, they are ready to learn.  Ivy also offers the opportunity to allow the students to do the work outdoors. Where else can a student solve a math problem sitting on a rock with their feet in the creek?” She appreciates the supportive administrative staff and says, “My  colleagues are second to none.”

Sharon’s students at Ivy wrote letters to the troops this past year, and she hopes to get them involved in the Soddy Daisy Food Bank as a service project.

She is a native of Soddy Daisy but has lived in many areas of the country with her husband (who is in the Air Force) and their sons. The Woods have two sons, one who is a nurse and one who just graduated and is moving to California to work for Land O’ Lakes. Sharon says, “I have recently returned to my home state of Tennessee, and I am glad to be home.”

Sharon enjoys getting lost in a good fiction book, and she loves to quilt and hike. She also likes swimming and kayaking.