Sherry Wertanen

High School Receptionist and Registrar


Sherry Wertanen is the registrar, high school office receptionist and Box Tops for Education coordinator.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and attended Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI. She has done graduate studies in English and graduated from the post-baccalaureate teacher licensure program, formerly licensed in English 6-12.

Three of the Wertanen’s children are or have bee Ivy students, the oldest a graduate with the class of 2016.  She says, “My husband and I initially chose Ivy because of the learning opportunities outside the four walls of a classroom, and the ability of the staff to understand and teach to the individual needs of students.  Quickly, we discovered all those who come to this school become family and have a real chance to be a part of the growth of this school. Our graduates still want to be involved in our school! I am fortunate to work in a place where I can witness all of this every day.”  Sherry is a very helpful volunteer at Ivy activities, including Running with Sasquatch and the Cumberland Trail Festival.

Sherry grew up in Onalaska, WI, a beautiful area near where three rivers meet, including the Mississippi.  She enjoys reading, writing, crafting, beach-combing, flower gardening and landscaping. She also likes wildlife, especially exotic animals.