Transportation Board Policy


Transportation Board Policy Ivy Academy

School buses shall be maintained and operated in accordance with state law and State Board Rules and Regulations.

The School Transportation Program shall be monitored daily by the administration and the supervisor of transportation and subjected to periodic evaluations by them as necessary. An overall evaluation shall be conducted by the supervisor of transportation or before November 1st and June 15th of each school year, and a summary report of the evaluation submitted to the director of schools and the Board. The supervisor of transportation shall be prepared to apprise the Board of the condition of the transportation service at anytime.

Each bus shall be equipped with the phone number for reporting safety complaints. This number shall appear on the rear bumper.

To avoid the financial burden of replacing an aging bus fleet at any one time, the board shall attempt to replace a certain number of buses each year on a regular basis.

All accidents, regardless of the damage involved, must be reported to the transportation supervisor, including incidents in which any part of the bus contacts any other object or vehicle.

The director of schools shall develop procedures to ensure compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements for the transportation program.

All buses contracted  by the school shall be given safety inspections by the assigned driver or the bus owner on a daily basis. The transportation supervisor shall develop and maintain a safety inspection record which shall be signed by the individual who conducts the inspection. In addition, all buses shall be remedied prior to returning the unit to regular service.

Emergency evacuation instruction shall be conducted regulary thoughout the school term to acquaint student riders with procedures in emergency situations.

Current regulations regarding transportation of special education students will be complied with.

The director of schools shall appoint a transportation supervisor for the system. He/she shall be responsible for the monitoring and oversight of transportation services for the district. 

Transportation Update: New Laws as of January 2018

1) You may report any observed unsafe happenings with the operation of Ivy Academy buses by calling

    or by filling out a form online.

    Call the number on the back of the bus: The county-wide phone number on the back of the bus is

     1-833-43BUSES or 1-833-432-8737

    This will direct you to Ivy's direct reporting number, or you may call it as well at 423-451-6725.

    Or report online at which can be accessed

    by going to our school website and clicking on the "bus complaint" tab.

2)  Ivy Academy will initiate an investigation within 24 hours of any report. Ivy Academy will issue a preliminary

    summary of the investigation to the superintendent with 48 hours of receiving a report.

2)  Any bus serving Tennessee Public School students will have a reporting number listed on the back bumper,

    regardless of the county you are in. You may report any observed unsafe happenings with the operation

    of any Tennessee Public School bus by calling this number.

2)  No one may use a handheld electronic device within the flashing lights of the school zone.

    This law applies to drivers AND riders in cars or buses.This applies to trucks passing through our zone.  

     No one may be talking on a phone. The purpose of this is so that all attention can be focused on

     the safety of our most precious resource, our children.

3)  Our transportation policy may be reviewed on our website after February 15th for any further clarifications.

     For questions now or after the posting, call the school and leave a message for the Transportation Supervisor.