Lisa Walker

Attendance Clerk and First Aid Specialist


Lisa Walker is the attendance clerk at Ivy, monitoring and communicating with parents about absences and tardies and going to juvenile court for excessive truancies as needed.  She also administers first aid as needed and has worn many other hats at Ivy.

Lisa received her Associate’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design from the Art Institute of America, Ft. Lauderdale.  She enjoys crafts, making costumes and applying special effects makeup. Lisa and her husband and four adult children like camping, hiking, kayaking and traveling.  They have visited all but two of the contiguous states and spent a month in Europe.  She has also been a volunteer coordinator for the Lookout Valley Christmas Parade and Community Party for 28 years.

Lisa chose Ivy for her son Trent “because of his love of the outdoors. He was one of the first 50 students to attend the year Ivy was founded and was in the first graduating class.  My entire family loves how Ivy incorporates the outdoors, fitness, conservation and hands-on learning into the curriculum.” Her oldest daughter has worked for Ivy, and her youngest daughter also graduated from Ivy.