Hannah Johnson

Middle School Exceptional Education



Hannah Johnson teaches middle school Exceptional Education.  She also coaches the Ivy middle school basketball teams. Hannah earned her Bachelor of Science in Special Education from Lee University in 2016 and is currently working on her Master’s degree in Education from Bryan College.

She entered the field of Special Education because she believes that every student can learn, grow and become a better version of themselves.  One of her goals is to lead others to become more inclusive and accepting.

In her spare time, Hannah enjoys traveling and hanging in her hammock enjoying a mountain view.  She has traveled to 14 foreign countries including most of Western Europe and most recently the beautiful country of Iceland.

Hannah chose Ivy because, as a native of East Tennessee, the outdoors hold a special place in her heart. “I grew up in a small town, so I love the small school environment that Ivy provides in our community. I always tell people I got lucky and found my dream job early in my career. To me, Ivy feels like a hybrid of school and an awesome summer camp. What else could I hope for in a job?”

Hannah was married on March 9, 2019 and is “super excited” to start a new chapter as Mrs. Johnson.