Zack Hubbard

High School Dean


Zackery Hubbard has taught the following subjects at Ivy since 2010: AP U.S. History, AP Human Geography, Government, Economics, American Frontier-Westward Expansion, 8th grade Social Studies, Contemporary Issues, Service Learning, Personal Finance, World History, World Geography, and maybe a couple more.  Zackery is now the Dean of the Ivy High School, -helping Ivy's students and teachers fulfill their mission of achieving academic excellence and providing opportunities for Ivy's students to develop highly successful character traits. 

Dean Hubbard attended the University of North Alabama but received his Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education (Social Sciences) from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  He received his Master of Arts degree in International Relations from Webster University. He is certified in Project WET and Project WILD (outdoor ed curriculum and instruction), a certified teacher of the College Board, has been evaluated as a Highly Effective Level 5 Instructor based on his Level 5 TVAAS Rating (His U.S. History students greatly exceeded state expectations on the TNReady exam in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.  His AP Human Geography students scored 17% higher than U.S. national average in Ivy's inaugural AP course

Dean Hubbard’s proven track record in the classroom is motivated by his philosophy of education:  “I believe in social studies resources, the power of storytelling in the classroom, that all students can learn, and that it doesn't cost anything to be nice to someone.”  Since attending W.C. Handy Head Start in the inner city of Florence, AL, he considered the schoolhouse to be his second home and those associated with it to be his extended family.  He says, “The love and joy my teachers shared with their students every day of every year made choosing the profession as an educator very easy. My ultimate goal as an educator is to instill within students the character traits and social skills needed to be successful in life, no matter which career path they choose to pursue.”

A veteran educator and outdoorsman, Dean Hubbard chose Ivy after hearing about the school in 2010.  He says, “I knew I needed to know more. The environmental and outdoor approach to education made so much sense to me, and now I cannot see myself in any other setting.  What makes Ivy so amazing is the simple fact that our students are eager to learn more and ask those questions they would not be able to in a traditional classroom environment.” 

Dean Hubbard is also actively involved in service projects involving the environment and incorporating students.  Under his guidance, Ivy has participated in the Tennessee Environmental Council's Tree Project for the past five years, hosted three tree plantings on campus and serving as a distribution point for northern Hamilton County for the project.  Since its inception in 2007, the Tennessee Tree Project has planted over 500,000 native trees in all of Tennessee's 95 counties. Ivy plans to continue serving our state for years to come with this community project held every February.

Zackery, his wife Mary Frances and their three sons enjoy family hikes, especially along the slopes of Lookout Mountain.  He was born and raised in The Shoals of Lauderdale County, Alabama but has lived on Chattanooga's Southside near the foot of Lookout for 10 years. He enjoys raising his children, traveling, participating in and learning about the outdoors and appreciating and practicing everything cultural.  He says, “I can't say no to an autumn backpacking trip, a winter sunrise in a hidden duck hole, a summer sunset over a cut hayfield or a spring turkey hunt, plus hundreds of other fun outdoor experiences!”