Why Ivy?

Ivy Academy is Tennessee's first environmentally-themed public school, and has been recognized on the state and national level for its student service to our community numerous times through designations such as Tennessee's Seal of Service and the USDOE's Green Ribbon School. Ivy boasts the highest achievable academic growth rate for several of its 6th through 12th grades, and has achievement scores that are higher than the district and state for manifold courses including US History, Math 7, Science 6, and others. College and career readiness are emphasized as a part of Tennessee's Drive to Fifty-five initiative. Students have opportunity for various early post-secondary opportunities such as Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement, and Industry Certifications. Our goal is that upon graduation, students have a pathway to their next step in life in a way that enables them to remain free of student loan debt.

Our unique approach to instruction allows students to physically move more throughout the day than they did in their prior educational settings through access to our outdoor classrooms. Students may spend multiple hours outside any given school day. In a recent parent survey, ninety-six percent of parents said their student's attitude toward school was better as a result of outdoor learning and more student movement during the school day, and ninety-two percent stated that their student was earning better grades for those same reasons.

TN State Parks partnership

Ivy Academy is the first public school in Tennessee to partner with Tennessee State Parks for the high school majors in environmentally related fields. To enhance our instruction we have available to us the vast expertise of rangers statewide. 

Can you whoop SAS?

Come out on April 6th and see if you can whoop sas in the annual Running with Sasquatch. Afterwards, enjoy games, food, and many different venders in the Cumberland Trail Festival.