Chassey Foster

11th and 12th Grade ELA | Agricultural Science


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Chassey Foster teaches Junior and Senior ELA and Agricultural Science. She attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Women’s Studies (minor in English literature) and Master’s in Special Education.

Professionally, Chassey enjoys team planning and cross-curriculum collaboration.

“I find it powerful when students make connections across subjects. I also enjoy teaching interpersonal skills and showing students how their education will help them after graduation.”

Chassey chose to be a teacher after working at a women's shelter. She says, “I witnessed the struggle of young women who had dropped out of high school and are trying to get their lives back on track. I decided that becoming a teacher would give me the opportunity to keep young people in school and encourage them to make good life choices.”  Chassey believes that education is “the fundamental tool for empowerment and gives one the confidence to discover, to dream and to act.”

Chassey chose to work at Ivy because she believes that the school empowers students to make a positive mark on their community.

“Ivy students are taught that a classroom is much more than four brick walls and that learning opportunities are all around. I believe that we teach more than the standard education at Ivy, including how to be productive, giving and thoughtful humans.”  

Ms. Foster building bat boxes with Agricultural Science students.

Ms. Foster building bat boxes with Agricultural Science students.


Chassey developed her love of agriculture on the family farm in rural Middle Tennessee. Her grandparents and her mother are farmers, and they have raised hogs, cattle, chicken, goats, and sheep. Chassey also likes hiking, camping, backpacking, trail running, hanging out with her dogs Smokey and Hootie, reading, and going to concerts. She loves visiting state and national parks. In 2017, she and her now husband lived in their camper for six months working at the Badlands National Park and then traveling across the western United States. Chassey also thinks of herself as a cheese connoisseur and eats at least one type of cheese a day.

Service Project

As a service project, Chassey hopes to take students to volunteer on farms that give back to the community.