Anthony Couch

Campus Culture & Safety Officer


Anthony Couch is the Campus Culture and Safety Officer and for six years was a Military Police Officer for the United States Army. During that time, he became a certified law enforcement officer in Fort Carson, Colorado and Honolulu, Hawaii.  He conducted numerous law enforcement procedures ranging from access control and criminal processing to protective services, working on a team to improve overall military installation safety for over 16,000 soldiers, veterans and civilian government employees. From 2013 to the end of 2015, he investigated and resolved over 90% of 300 drug abuse-related cases. 

Officer Couch takes pride in protecting people and property but also understands the importance of maintaining community relationships, being proactive as opposed to reactive. He chose to dedicate his time at Ivy to help young people become successful outside of the learning environment and work proactively to keep young people safe and out of trouble.

In his spare time, Officer Couch loves to take his family on road trips across the country.  His household includes his wife, two kittens (Phil and Lil) and four young daughters. He enjoys traveling and spending lots of time with his large family. He has plans to visit every major city in all 50 states with his family, including driving the length of Route 66 from Chicago to California.