Liz Arce

8th Grade Social Studies | US History | Government | Economics


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Liz Arce teaches U.S.History for grades 8 and 12, U.S. Government/Economics and a STEM Innovators class for 7th grade. Liz earned a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and History at Montana State University. While gaining her degree, she was a member of her school’s Ethics Bowl team. Liz received her Masters in Secondary Education (Social Studies) from Wilmington University, where she received the Master of Arts Award for outstanding scholarship and contributions to the field of secondary teaching.

"What I love most about working at Ivy is that it allows me to combine my love and experience in the outdoors with my love for teaching and interacting with students. It feels so natural to be outside while teaching. There is nothing better than getting to see your students push their limits on the trail or on a rock wall and see that determination spread into their academic pursuits."

In addition to her love for learning, Liz is very passionate about rock climbing. She has traveled all over the world and the nation for the past two decades in pursuit of challenging herself in the outdoors. She is Ivy's current high school climbing coach and a member of the Southern Climbing Coalition, Chattanooga.


Before teaching in Chattanooga, Liz was a 6th-grade teacher at Seven Generations Charter School in Allentown, PA for two years. Liz believes that every child can learn and become a catalyst of change in their community and environment. Her passion for teaching outdoors led her to Ivy.

Service Projects

Liz's annual service project at Ivy is Girls on the Run, a program focused on empowering young women through running. To find out more about Girls on the Run, visit their page HERE.