About Us

2014-15 Faculty and Staff of Ivy Academy

Name Title Email Address
Angela Markum Executive Director amarkum@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Willie Richardson Headmaster wrichardson@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Ansley Eichhorn Office Manager and Admissions Officer aeichhorn@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Lorie Summerlin School Counselor lsummerlin@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Joanna Walter School Technology and Media Specialist and English Teacher jwalter@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Molly Wilkins Behavior Specialist and Special Education Teacher mwilkins@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Holly Slater Special Education Teacher and Environmental Programming Coordinator hslater@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Hannah Davis Algebra 2 and Bridge Math Teacher hdavis@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Lauren Karnes Algebra 1 and Geometry Teacher lkarnes@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Kendall Snider English Teacher ksnider@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Marco Guerrero Spanish and Bible History Teacher mguerrero@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Stephanie Kiefer Environmental and Agricultural Sciences Teacher skiefer@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Bryan Phillips STEM Coordinator and Environmental Science Teacher bphillips@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Jim Watson Geology Teacher and Field Studies Coordinator jwatson@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Lisa Brown Biology and Chemistry Teacher lbrown@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Carl Kiefer Social Studies Teacher ckiefer@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Zack Hubbard Social Studies Teacher zhubbard@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Robert Freeman Fine Arts Teacher and ISS Monitor rfreeman@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Laura Weaver Wellness Teacher and Educational Assistant lweaver@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Debi Waites Assitant Art Instructor dwaites@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Kelli Anderle Educational Assistant kanderle@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Lisa Walker Parent Volunteer Coordinator lwalker@ivyacademychattanooga.com
Talisa Walker School Nutrition Coordinator twalker@ivyacademychattanooga.com