Try Ivy Days are semi-annual, simulated school days designed to introduce prospective students and parents to Ivy Academy.

We host sessions that concentrate on our unique educational approach; as well as, demonstrate how we incorporate service learning, environmentalism, and sustainability into our curriculum.

The schedule for Try Ivy Day is divided into two main formats: Information Sessions and Outdoors Sessions.

Information Sessions are conducted indoors and give families an idea of Ivy’s school climate and culture.

Outdoor Sessions take families out into the North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy, adjacent to the school’s campus. This portion of Try Ivy Day is designed to showcase our outdoor classrooms and introduce prospective students to outdoor educational approaches at Ivy Academy.

Both formats are necessary in order to give prospective families a proper introduction to the multi-faceted educational opportunities Ivy Academy has to offer Hamilton County.

If you missed our Fall Try Ivy Day, don't sweat it! We will have another day this spring. Check back for the exact date!