The 2016-2017 Faculty and Staff of Ivy Academy




Email Address

Angela Markum

Executive Director

Scott Grisar


Holly Slater

Director of Operations

Ansley Eichhorn

Office Manager

Katie Hillis

School Counselor

Megan Witty

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 Teacher

Jennifer Ebrite

Math 6, Math 7, and Biology Teacher

Peggy Claiborne

Geometry Teacher and Math Coach

Kendall Snider

English 6, English 9, and English 10

Chassey Foster

English 11 and English 12 Teacher

Stephen Thomas

Spanish Teacher

Charlie Shepard

Social Studies 7 and Art Teacher

Amanda Brown

Chemistry and Environmental Science Teacher

Carl Kiefer

Social Studies Teacher

Zack Hubbard

Social Studies Teacher

Chris Kidwell

Psychotherapist from Memorial Hospital Healthy Kids Grant

Laura Weaver

Science 6, Science 7, and Wellness Teacher

Nick Brown

English 6 and Social Studies 6 Teacher

Jacob Jarvis

Special Education Teacher

Stephanie Kiefer

Educational Assistant

Jim Watson

Geology Teacher

Debi Waites

Assistant Art Instructor

Phyllis Williams

Administrative Assistant

Bryan Phillips

STEM Coordinator

Lori Price

SNP Coordinator

Lisa Walker

Attendance Clerk, ISS Monitor

Adam Hudson

Educational Assistant

Lori Ryan

Exceptional Education

Jennifer Hooker


Sherry Wertanen