The 2018-2019 Faculty and Staff of Ivy Academy




Email Address

Holly Slater

Executive Director

Scott Grisar

Middle School Principal

Zack Hubbard

High School Dean

Angie Markum

Director of Development for Facilities, Ed Programming and Resources

Katie Hillis

HS Guidance Counselor

Megan Witty

MS Guidance Counselor

Ansley Eichorn

Director of Admissions and Environmental Programming,

Phyllis Williams

Administrative Assistant


Liz Arce

US History, Economics, Government, SS 8 Teacher

Nikki Bender

Social Studies 6 and 7 Teacher

Connie Davis

Algebra 1 Teacher

Jennifer Ebrite

Math 6 Teacher

Chassey Foster

ELA 7 and Agricultural Science Teacher

Haley Guinn

Biology and Environmental Science Teacher

Chris Holbrook

AV, Career Exploration, and Journalism Teacher

Adam Hudson

Bible History Teacher

Jacob Jarvis

Ex Ed Teacher

Hannah Jiles

Ex Ed Teacher

Paula Jones

Math 8 and Chemistry Teacher

Carl Kiefer

AP Human Geography and Health/Personal Finance Teacher

Anne Lawrence

ELA 6 Teacher

Matt Raper

ELA 7 Teacher

Katie Reed

Geometry, SAILS, Algebra 2 Teacher

Ashley Sederquist

Science 6 and Student Junior Ranger Teacher

Rachel Swafford-Cook

English 9-12 Teacher

Stephen Thomas

Spanish Teacher

Sharon Wood

Math 7 Teacher

Laura Weaver

Science 7 and 8, Citizen Science

Support Staff

Anthony Couch

School Culture & Safety Officer

Alicia Holbrook


Jennifer Hooker

RTI and Campus Support Coordinator

Lori Price

SNP Coordinator

Anna Schilling

TN State Parks Ranger

Lisa Walker

Attendance Clerk

Sherry Wertanen


Alex Wimberly