Ivy Academy Chattanooga invites you to partner with us to provide our learning experience which is unique in public education. Scroll to the bottom of this page for our PayPal link to give. Our record of academic success speaks for itself. Our students are known throughout the region for their service learning participation where they have consistently volunteered for community efforts such as the Tennessee River Rescue, Cumberland Trail Spring Festival, One Table, Trail Cleanups, or Food Bank collections. We give back into the community, and now there is opportunity for you to help us!

Campus Expansion Plans

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Every dollar raised represents a dollar that we can
put into our students rather than using it to pay
back a mortgage over the next thirty years.

You can sponsor one square foot of our new space
for $150. Our space includes classrooms, exterior corridors, and covered courtyard for gathering.

We are scholars. We are stewards. We are volunteers. We are Ivy!


You may donate any amount by clicking on the PayPal donate button near the bottom of this page.

Some are donating a flat fee of $10 or $20.

Some families are sponsoring one square foot at $150..

With four family members, this would just be $37.50 each for one square foot,

$37.50 X 4 - $150.

Some businesses are sponsoring a full classroom! See the list below and decide what you’d like to donate. If your donation meets or exceeds $1000 your name will be listed on our donor honor wall. Each sponsor for a classroom will have plaque bearing their name, group, or business posted near the entry of the classroom. Ivy Academy is a public charter school and as such is a 501c3 corporation in Tennessee.  All donations are tax deductible.

One square foot of classroom space = $150 donation

Purchase as many as you’d like and specify in the notes to which classroom you want the donation applied.

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Outdoor Spaces:

Outdoor concrete and stone lunch counter = $24,300 donation

Outdoor grilling station = $6,780 donation

Outdoor pizza oven = $2,000 donation

Shade Structure over Courtyard = $25,500 donation

Paved area for basketball court = $12,600 donation

Bleachers for basketball court = $7,600 donation


Indoor Spaces:

Fine Arts Classroom 685 square feet = $102,750 donation

English Classroom 641 square feet = $96,150 donation

English Classroom 639 square feet = $95,850 donation

Environmental AV Classroom 1,325 square feet = $198,750 donation

Foreign Language Classroom 641 square feet = $96,150 donation


Mathematics Classroom 641 square feet = $96,150 donation

Mathematics Classroom 644 square feet = $96,600 donation


Science Classroom 641 square feet = $96,150 donation

Flameproof Storage Cabinetry = $1,800 donation ALREADY MET!

Science Laboratory 1,053 square feet = $157,950 donation


Social Studies classroom 639 square feet = $95,850 donation

Social Studies classroom 641 square feet = $96,150 donation


Initial lighting for the production studio = $2,000 donation

Cameras for the production studio = $5,000 donation

iMac computers for the production studio = $20,000  donation


Library 670 square feet = $100,500 donation

Shelving and Cabinetry = $27,000 donation ALREADY MET!

Furniture – couches and chairs $16,000 donation ALREADY MET!

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